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Feng Shui is the constant moving energy (Chi) that connects us to our environments, surroundings & daily lives.  Through Feng Shui we follow the universal movement of nature, aligning ourselves with the flow of energy in our spaces.  You will see how the Bagua Map relates to your space.  Implementing simple suggestions may bring positive changes to relationships, health, wealth and/or careers (to name a few) for your family or business.  Discover how the Five Elements in Feng Shui are represented in your space, replicating the elements in nature.  Explore the exciting Flying Stars, the constant moving annual energies.  Learn how they affect us & the harmony of our spaces.  Begin your Feng Shui journey today...

Until we meet...Namaste

My Mission

My greatest reward is seeing my clients enjoy happier balanced lives within the supportive environment provided through Feng Shui and Reiki.

Our Story

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Story Part 1

Cardinal and Inter-cardinal compass directions allow me to effectively map  your space and determine the Flying Star energy for the year.

Story Part 2

Feng Shui benefits everyone!  From the young to the young at heart.  All cultures.  Personal or business.  Learn how Feng Shui can bring harmony into your life.

Story Part 3

Discover how Feng Shui and Home Staging can work together.  Be sure the energy is flowing harmoniously through your space, welcoming prospective buyers.  Feng Shui is a wonderful service Real Estate agents can offer their clients, setting themselves different from other realtors.

Story Part 4

Space clearing elevates the vibrations revitalizing the energy within the space.  Has there been a change in family dynamics?  Is the energy feeling heavy and weighing you down?  Selling or moving into a new residence?  Lets discuss the benefits. 


Individual Reiki sessions or Reiki for Two are now offered through Zaina Feng Shui. Three location choices for your convenience. Mobile service is available if you prefer and have a quiet space.  I am proud to offer Reiki services through Salt Cave Natural Relief Centre  Interested in learning Reiki 1 or 2?  Classes are run throughout the year.  Please refer to Reiki section for further information.

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